McCannot (prodigalsun) wrote,

my son is the size of a kidney bean and sleeping in the toilet bowl.

his face is a honeycomb
only in the good light.
in bed at night
it gapes and leaks.
baby, we are a single link
in the foodchain.
if walls had mouths
if wishes were
if i had a penny for every time
her mind bobs
in the brine of boredom
& wine,
mosquitos frozen
in amber dusk.
you burn the curtains last
so no one sees
your stomach pregnant with cold water
& pauses
& mind miscarrying litters
of premature thoughts,
pitched mewing & sticky
as wet silk.
she sleeps
at the feet
of dogs.
no one wanted to
watch their own things lay broken
in their own hardworking hands.
no one touched the dial.
no one saw you stumble.
oh newborn, no one saw
your eyes first open
like stupid gourds.
youll never be a part of that nightmare.
youll never be.
youll never be a catacomb
of unhappy cells,
raised on tuberculosis
& cockroach
& kerosene,
your lips muddy
with bruises
as the television oozes
from its single panoramic orifice,
white noise yellowing
around the edges.
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