McCannot (prodigalsun) wrote,

sparrow and windowpane see also self and san francisco

my hands are not soft or strong
and play no guitar
busy wringing an american dream
i wouldn't wish upon an enemy
of all money + motor
betwixt the pacific and a hard place
live to find your name
scrawled casual, irrelevant
in a sidewalk
amidst subway platform sleight of hand
stuff of nightmares
spent fluorescence
space for rent:
basement apartment under left lapel
doctor your life savings
with honey and cream (reminiscent of sustenance)
and nurse it 'til it's cold.

lipsticked cigarettes
and other territorial pissings dissipating
into landfills:
inertia + the blood of virgins +
plastic surgeons:
everybody's humming with the thunder of the human condition
but those who saw the strike
and sing the words
also witness elvis
and cannot identify flying objects.
sure, make a name for yourself
but there's building codes and
raw materials and
the sales tax is stiffer
than the drink.
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